About Us

NEWTIMING was founded in 2011. Since the beginning, we have been trying to build a “Serve the Creators” system, to support the passionate and talented people, to support those who want to achieve their career by creating excellent works. Our goal is to encourage the Film-Television Industry to develop faster, healthier and upright.

With consistent innovation and practice, Newtiming has become a top-tier Film-Television Industry Corporation. We have two licensed fund management companies that professionalize in both television and film,16 Certified Film Companies. Our business also includes Theater Advertising, Film Embedded Advertising, Data Research, Film Distribution, Media News, Artist Agency, Music Festival, Live Performances, Game Entertainments and Media Incubation Base etc. By having almost all the mass media related companies (excluding internet broadcast platform) as our Sub-Corporations, we are able to provide support for all kinds of creative activities in this field.

Newtiming has established more than 30 media entertainment funds, participated in around 90 television dramas, 10 movies and more than one hundred Internet movies & shows etc.

Serve the Creators, as always.